AluEdge focuses on delivering economical solution for landscape edging, featuring the standard L-shade form, this range offers superior strength and durability. Suitable for both soft and hard landscaping applications.


AluLine excels in creating seamless and perfectly connecting intricate patterns and designs. Featuring telescopic connection design, AluLine lengths can be connected together without extra components. Engineered for slim profiling, this range provides exceptional aesthetic with great flexibility. Ideal for soft landscaping separations.


AluPro is our newest and more robust range, providing increased load-bearing capacity and enhanced strength. This range is perfect for light commercial and heavy residential applications, suitable for both soft and hard landscaping grounds.


AluSmart is our most highly-engineered metal edging range, allowing transformation from straight edging to L-shape edging where desired by simply connecting provided components together. This range offers great flexibility – true economical solution without quality and functionality compromises.


EKO EDGE is a leading brand in supplying cutting edge and environmental friendly edging products, suitable for residential, commercial and public projects of any scales. We deliver premium quality products of Aluminium Edging and Plastic Edging ranges.