GeoBorder focuses on providing an environmental friendly solution to paving surfaces, separating sidewalks and stabilising pathways. It is made with recycled plastic, suitable for both private residential and public projects.


The key benefits StellaGreen brings are: cost-effective alternative to asphalt and concrete, eco-friendly, time-saving installation and lightweight solution to create an aesthetically beautiful landscape.


Employing the L-shape design, EkoBord offers greater strength and durability than other plastic edging products on the market. We source our recycled materials from world-leading German suppliers, ensuring first-class quality for our products.

Steel Edging

Our Steel Edging range is built to last. We have Borderline, designed for architects and landscape designers – the ideal solution for discreet garden path or border edge. The range is available in various sizes and finishes…

PVC Edging

Our PVC range is a great alternative if you are seeking a cost-saving solution for your landscaping projects. We have BulldogEdge – designed for heavy duty hardscaping construction such as driveways and patios. BrickEdge is an eco-friendly range for…

Aluminium Edging

Our Aluminium Edging range is widely used around the globe for public, commercial and private projects. They are versatile and made to last with hassle free installation process. We have AluExcel – made with 100% recycled aluminium…


EKO EDGE is a leading brand in supplying cutting edge and environmental friendly edging products, suitable for residential, commercial and public projects of any scales. We deliver premium quality products of Aluminium Edging and Plastic Edging ranges.